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Project Acronym: CHIRON - Cultural Heritage Informatics Research Oriented Network

Contract number : MEST-CT-2004-514539

Duration: 48 months

Start date: 20/02/2005

CHIRON is a Marie-Curie EU-funded project providing research training fellowships for graduates wishing to start a research career in the field of IT applications to the research, conservation, and presentation of tangible Cultural Heritage. The project will consist of a joint training program and individual research carried out by fellows within a co-ordinated framework at participating partner institution. CHIRON has a duration of four years with an overall budget of about 2 300 000 Euro.

Project Coordinator: PIN scrl - Servizi Didattici e Scientifici per l'Universitа di Firenze


Prof. Franco Niccolucci (coordinator)

Dr. Sorin Hermon

E-mail: niccolucci unifi it

E-mail: sorin.hermon @ pin unifi it

Tel. xx.39-0574-602513

For further inquires please send an email to:
info @ chiron-training net or info @ chiron-training org